A Nuclear Dream

  • Long Beach, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Metal Rock

"Welcome to the Dream! Dark Matter streaming now"

When songwriter "High Speed" Chase Burns and legendary bassist Paul "Pongo" Sariego combined their musical chops, the duo would create as Chase could only describe, "A Nuclear Dream." The musicians, already inindated with rock, metal, progressive and jazz influences, tapped longtime friend and progressive rock-influenced drummer Ben Bielicki. A melodic and tribal fusion of genres was brewing, and soon entered songwriter Billy Blood. Bringing a vocally ominous soul-drenched aggression to the fold, Billy had worked previously with local heavy bands. With a final guitar position available, local shredder and DJ Gary Luna slid in; and the vision was finally materialized. With a line-up complete; a blissfully dark Dream was forming on the horizon.Articulatley emotional. Blunt. Dark. Metal. Rock. Punk. Grunge. Life. It was realized that music needed to be completely re-energized and would be a daunting task to achieve in a stagnant, pop laden musical landscape. But genre would be no obstacle. With direct purpose and vision, A.N.D.'s aim at attacking the scene with an intense and melodic organic brood would be brought to life.

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