Jenna Marie Blues Band

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Blues

""Jenna Marie" Bourgeois has been appearing before regional audiences for fifteen years."

Jenna began playing keyboards at the age of six. In high school, Jenna started writing and recording music in her at home studio where she began to experiment with other instruments: guitar, harmonica, saxophone, accordion, and bass. In 2000, Jenna began singing in public at a jazz venue local to Peoria, Illinois where she also displayed her harmonica skills publicly for the first time. From 2001 to 2008, Jenna traveled the United States for work and would stop in to local music venues to sit in with the local bands, attend an open mic, or attend a blues jam. In 2009, Jenna's work brought her to Salt Lake City where she has been playing in the local blues scene with some of the area's hottest bands. Jenna is known for her booming vocals and unique style to playing the blues harp which is similar to James Cotton or Junior Wells. Jenna feels the music while on stage and will often improvise with the other musicians to create a unique one of a kind experience during her live performances. In 2014, Jenna had her first experience overseas playing in Amsterdam.

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