Karlos ícaro

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Solo/ Duo Alternative Electronic Indie Latin Pop


I've been waiting, I've been waiting for this moment all my life, it's impossible to describe in words when you truly love what you do ...I was cursed with poetry from a young age my Life has been full of Memories yet a bit strange ! Like a Canvas of faint smiles in between the lines, couldn't stop the demons, so I started to play a melody much louder, I must've missed the ballroom dance ... To the abyss on just one note , it was A minor that dueled against the feeling , there was nothing else as if the world became a lot smaller or I was the one that grew with a different perspective ...I grew up in a ghost desert a city were dreams are eventually burned to ashes and people follow like lost souls on a one way street that never changesI found it odd at the time it was the 19 hundreds never believed in such a powerful sorcery, a little girl approach me somewhere in Denver while touring the U.S. and hand me a drawing, there was a lions battle in my heart , I saw a hand, and a tear falling from a dark sky and she said "forgive the music every lyric you've cried everything will make sense in time, you were meant to become something bigger than yourself" i admit it, changing the colors of the sea has never been easy , trusting the venom on her chords it's so much fun, we lost track of spirits and became a little messy , but in the myths of my despair, I woke up feeling bright, not afraid .... Possessed by the rhythm of the world, haunted by infinite love , On my loudest tone I found the color of my voice, I've must to missed the ballroom dance ...I have to say that I've been waiting, I've been waiting for this moment all my life ...

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