High Ceiling

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Reggae

"Reggae from Seattle"

“Easy flowing reggae escapades that ascend into effervescent jams and rootsy rock anthems. Fundamentally joyful, High Ceiling lyrically takes time to delve intosocio/political topics of relevance.” says Andrew Frey (Maximum Ink Music Magazine). All of this infused with improvisation, defines the band's unique presence in the Northwest music and eclectic arts scenes.Always uplifting... conscious... adventurous... this six piece packs an extensive light presentation at all suitable stages and is best experienced in live settings amongst their well-known kindred and enthusiastic groups of fans. Layering heavy doses of deep bass, percussive reggae grooves, live dub, danceable flute, keys, sax rhythms with epic guitar results in palpable energy climaxes. Northwest music scene break-out since 2004, High Ceiling plays alongside some of the most talented names in Jam-Rock-Reggae; John Brown's Body, Rubblebucket, Clinton Fearon, Kyle Hollingsworth, Junior Reid, and more.High Ceiling has logged 400+ shows with tours of the West Coast, performing at the finest venues and festivals. International buzz about the band began in 2009 with their second studio release, "Illusions". "Illusions" received airplay on hundreds of college/community radio stations across the U.S. and reached #14 on the jambands.comradio charts.High Ceiling was awarded Reggae artist of the year for 2010 at Somojo Magazine and Radio. The group's song, "High and Lifted" from the "Illusions" album was the #1 reggae song on somojo.net reggae charts for 2010.In 2011 High Ceiling began working with UK based Deuce Management, leading to the band's music receiving FM airplay in Australia, Netherlands, Scotland, England and looking forward to spreading the positive vibrations abroad and onward.Most recently, High Ceiling won awards in two categories at the 2012 Olympia Music awards; High Ceiling’s song “Illusions” received the top award for song of the year and the group also won Reggae artist of the year for 2012. The group even organizes its own festival, the Skok Valley Music Rally. This weekend long music festival takes place in July or August near Shelton, WA and features many of the best bands in the region in a beautiful outdoor setting.High Ceiling has also performed as the backing band for "Reggae Legend" Norma Fraser at multiple festival appearances. Through years of touring and creating conscious music with reverence for unity, love, compassion, and growth; High Ceiling has built a loyal spirited fan base.

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