J Goddess

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Rapper Hip-Hop

"J Goddess has met with adversities in life and tossed them in pit, laced with truth filled lyrics"

A breath of fresh air to lovers of Hip Hop from a feminine perspective, J. Goddess is a Queen of all things lyrically. In a genre dominated by masculinity, J. Goddess brings forth a sound that any Hip Hop head will adore. A poet and lyricist in its most pure form, only respect can be given to this talent that is J. Goddess. Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and raised in a single parent home by her mother - J. Goddess was moved to be an independent spirit early on in life, reveling in her unique qualities. A rare gem in a valley of similar stones, her affinity for hip hop showed itself in the defining stages of a youthful Goddess. Inspired by the likes of Left Eye, Tupac, Common, & Eminem, it’s no wonder the depths J. Goddess reaches with her content. The veracity of her inspiration is a stark reflection of J. Goddess’ beliefs in a faceless universe, uniting her fans with the solidity of her music.Goddess recorded her first mixtape at the age of 14, aptly titled “The First Chapter”; it being the decidedly first step toward pursuing her dream and love for creating music that she could relish and would become her ultimate future. After seeing the start of her vision coming to fruition, J. Goddess went on to create a follow up mixtape released December 2012 titled “The Divine Entity”. Confident in her works, J. Goddess made the decision to release “The Divine Entity” for free online and was well received with over 16,000 downloads within its first two weeks. That leap of faith catapulted Goddess into a bevy of successes, including a live performance at New York’s renowned Apollo Theatre when she was only 16. While travelling and promoting her talents, in April 2014 J. Goddess was offered the opportunity to become the face of Its Life, a clothing brand based out of the DMV. The demand for Goddess steady growing, she was the first female rapper to be interviewed during a live broadcast on 88.1 FM. She teamed up with NRKY and Real Mandyngo for the track "Al Capone" released June 2014 through England’s Black Rock Records and was aired on the famous RINSE FM in England and reached as far as 5FM in South Africa upon its debut. Since then, J. Goddess has gone on to work with some of the industry’s most sought after talents such as DJ Papito, Platinum recording album Producers Shakur Green, Steve Mac, Joey Cutless and Louis Falasha of UK's notorious group Killa Instinct. Most recently, J. Goddess was named a featured artist on Slip n Slide Records watch list.. She went on to be the first African American Homecoming Queen of Chesapeake High School and in the year of 2014, discovered that her grandmother was married to the son of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - writer of Elvis Presley's top selling billboard songs.Despite her Trans-Continental reach, J. Goddess remains a humble artist and is currently preparing for the official release of her latest project “The Flight” produced by Mr. Mike 304 and its debut single “Diamonds”, popularity is nothing J. Goddess has ever been left wanting for as whatever ear her music touches turns instantly towards her enticing sound, she is a path written that true heads seek to follow. The announcement for the release of “Diamonds” has been met with high anticipation from her fans and is now available on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more! A conscious rapper, leader, seeker, and believer, J. Goddess has met with adversities in life and tossed them in pit laced with truth filled lyrics. Now based in Seattle, Washington and inspired to be boldly different as she continues to set herself apart from what has already been and what will be, J. Goddess is the “Diamond” whose shine will continue to resonate for generations to come.

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