Dead Hexers

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk

"Punk from Seattle"

Dead Hookers animated in August of 2008. Since it is now 2013, that means... duh duh duh!!!!! 5 Years of horror, lust, and carnal sin!------Another new band on the scene are the Dead Hookers, a three-piece of thrash featuring Jinx on vocals. The songs are fairly reminiscent of 80’s punk with some Misfit influences for sure. They’ve got a demo out which you can pick up at shows. It’s early, it’s raw, but should be fun watching ‘em develop.—Brent Anything and everything Rockin' Rev. Ron says does NOT represent the views and/or opinions of Dead Hookers (the band, not the people. His views and opinions fully represent the views of dead hookers you find in alleys.)---------The Dead Hookers, The Cathoholix, Indelible Mess June 19 - Old Foundryby Josephine JaegarThe Dead Hookers have been haunting Bellingham dives since last Halloween, but it wasn't until Thursday, June 19, that I finally got to catch them play live (I mean, dead). I must admit, I was running late and missed the opening act by Indelible Mess, but was glad to catch the brief secondary set by local punk favorites The Cathoholix. The lineup kicked up fresh sod for this sinisterly seductive trio to crawl out of the grave and woo the crowd with their raunchy main act. The Dead Hookers definitely bring something unique to Bellingham's punk scene. First, they're dressed to kill -- straight out of a B grade zombie horror flick. And while drummer Joel Pense and guitarist Ron Raymundo (both from Indelible Mess) might steal some hearts in trashy heels and fake blood, lead singer/bassist Jinx Smith is hands down, the best-looking of the three corpses. Which leads me to my second point: it's rare, and refreshing, to see a chick fronting a punk band in Bellingham. Lest I oversimplify, the Dead Hookers' sound is a mix of metal, thrash punk, psychobilly and grindcore, influenced by favorite bands the Misfits and Calabrese. All the more reason why it's impressive to see a local lady (a mother, in fact) with enough cahones to lead that kind of sound. Notable songs of the evening included the hilarious crowd favorite ZTI ("Zombie Transmitted Infection"), and a deranged duet about a ghost from the video game Fable, entitled "Lady Grey," accompanied by Muppet Fetish lead singer/growler Mike Talbott. Witty, trashy and amicably nerdy, the Dead Hookers could develop a cult fan base if they keep developing their sound and flair. They're also recording an album right now, (named TBD), which should be out in late summer. The Dead Hookers next Bellingham show is at Hot Shotz on Friday, July 24. - What's up! Show review from 2009

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