Dreadful Children

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk

"Pure, old school, unbridled Punk Rock... Oh, and.....SAFETY!"

"Hailing from Seattle Washington, there is no trite slapback of the Nirvana-era here. Dreadful Children champion the unlikely equation of Iron Maiden–esque riffery and the Toy Dolls' sense of bouncy, infectious absurdity and somehow create a mad-scientist hybrid that totally kills! "- The Stranger"Gracing the stage before Stoned Evergreen Travelers was one of my favorite Seattle punk bands, Dreadful Children. This is another band that has evolved beautifully over time. Like a good wine, they get more flavorful over time. Spicy would be a good way to describe them.This is also a band that defies stereotypes in that they have a female guitar player (Lizzie Franks) who also trades off on lead vocals as well as providing harmony. Her voice is smooth and sweet and the perfect contrast to the grungy vocals of Lonny Bristle. Add Johnny Mischief on bass and Kevn Labarre on drums (whose ginger locks whipped about in such a frenzy he almost looked like he had a flame thrower on his head) and you have a clue of what you’re in for when seeing Dreadful Children play. They are well worth the effort of a trek to whatever club they happen to shake up next." - East Portland Blog

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