White City Graves

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk

""Wilmington" Available NOW!!!"

In society there are people who commit nefarious deeds. Self destructive acts or crimes against others. This evil exists in all walks of life. It's taking place right now outside your door. White City Graves are the ones bringing these acts to light. Observations of the seedy underbelly the world has to offer. Their name alone, White City Graves, is reflective of this. A name inspired by H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer.White City Graves' sound has been liken to that of the great horror rockers that have come before them, such as; The Misfits, Motorhead and White Zombie. This rakish style rock is an infusion of riff rock and punk. Driving beats and catchy guitar lines coupled with growling vocals makes for rowdy live show. White City Graves is relentless in their schedule for gigging.Here's what people are saying about White City Graves:“This 3-song EP of spit, melody, and grime is so far up my wheelhouse it should've been given to me at birth. The doctor should've pulled me out, slapped my ass, and handed me this CD along with my birth certificate and fuzzy blanket. TSOL, back in the day, brought a new ethic to LA punk, keeping all the anger of hardcore, but fusing it with a rock sensibility, post-punk darkness, and some good, old-fashioned songwriting skills. Welcome to White City Graves.”— Racer, The Ripple Effect "... Your music rocks and paints a picture of what would undoubtedly be a snarling live performance. Seems like you’re too talented to be classified with the punk genre but that’s just our humble opinion and everybody plays music that’s been influenced by different artists. All this merges as talent and experience begins to replace teenage angst and some grow to play better than some of those we originally admired..." Ken & Geri - Longshot Productions"...Music definitely feels like it has that consistent creepy sort-of-misfits feel, which is cool..." Out Of Step Entertainment"White City Graves walked onto the stage with a serious non-nonsense attitude that clearly showed that they mean business. I have never seen these guys live before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was assured that the band had a deadly sound. I was informed correctly. No-nonsense is the word I would use for them across the board. Just a direct harsh punishing blue-collar punk n roll band. Touches of Social Distortion style focus and dedication, a bunch of Detroit-style direct rocking action, and a batch of well written tunes. The bassist delivered as far as tone and style, and the dual guitar wall of noise could have cracked bricks. This band left the stage with more than their fair share of scalps. They killed it. Yet another new band that I cant wait to sing the praises of to anyone who will listen." "[Wilmington] is pure thundering rock n roll. Stomping, spitting, barking and snarling rock n roll. From the moment this album starts the grinding storm doesn’t let up one bit until it is done. 9 tracks of white knuckled adrenaline. Propelled by some serious Motorhead/Social Distortion riffing and crunch, the four piece band strong-arms their way through the speakers, laughing. The bass tracks on this album are monolithic. Huge pulsing slabs of low end groove helps to fill out the mix and yet not crowd the vocals.Now... on the topic of vocals...This singer has some serious pipes. Acid-scored and bloody raw, the singer bellows his 'hot rod from hell' lyrics straight into your bones. His cracked and salt-gargling vocals swell up real nice with the Detroit-powerhouse style musicianship to supply the listener with a brutal slab of punk n roll perfection.The album might only be nine tracks, but each one is a goddamn winner.If you haven’t visited the White City Graves, your horror-rock collection is woefully incomplete. Fact." White City Graves is:Adam Ketola - Lead vocals and guitarWes Wesley- Guitar and vocalsJosh "Gorilla" Danford - Bass and vocalsTroy Lund - Drums

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