• Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Country

"Cleetus, Murl, Lee Harvey, Henry Lee, Rufus, Jethro, and a rotating cast of dozens... 'merica's Band!"

HARTWOOD:Whether you are there to see the band, or you just find yourself at the bar, Hartwood will kick your ass!Their sound is big, as is their instrumentation: a 9-pc outlaw orchestra featuring coed and harmony vocals, numerous multi-instrumentalists, and a variety of possible configurations.Their selection of covers ranges from the traditional (Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings, David Alan Coe, Earl Scruggs, Cash, Willie...) to the "somewhat less traditional" (Iron Maiden, SLAYER, Geto Boys, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa...). This band is anything but predictable! But wait... THERE'S MORE:Their original material is even less predictable! From the dark, traditional western sounds of "Wanted Man" to their magnum opus "Ain't No Restrainin' Order Stronger'n Our Love", these outlaws leave no stone unturned for subject matter:Methlabs, oral sex, politics, drinking, jail, the occult, bestiality, domestic violence, trucking, the bar, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!While the live show is NOT to be missed, their latest offering "Enumclaw" is a "MUST OWN"!! It covers all of the afore mentioned subject matter, and then some!!Also included are two bonus tracks:A more “Enumclaw-ish” remix of the title track will tickle your funny-bone, and the holiday single (good year-round), “Mistletoe Beltbuckle”, details the exploits of St. Nick, looking to “empty out” his “sack”.Be the first on your block to own this new collection of Hartwood gold!Also, DO NOT MISS THE LIVE SHOW!!!

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