Ichi Bichi

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Ichi Bichi is a Pink Punk™ Rock band"

Ichi Bichi is like wearing glasses and contacts at the same time while dancing on a Ramones record set on 78rpm.Ichi Bichi is like taking Herbie to an illegal street race in Osaka with twice the amount of NOS under the hood.Ichi Bichi is like watching a UFC fight in 3D opposing two sugar-high chicks while you’re OD’ing on pink marshmallows.To wrap it up, Ichi Bichi is Punk music with a nice sugar frosting on top of it. There you go, it’s Pink Punk™!Come and see us playing to experience some awesome “Bichiness™”, number one in its own category!

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