Darby Picnic

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Pop Rock

"Darby Picnic is a PNW band, with genre hopping colorful sound, intelligent lyrics, and sweeping arrangements."

Darby Picnic grew out of a series of recordings done for Lee's solo album. Jerry Wainhouse was around during the sessions, acting as sort of an editor/advisor. Troy Moss was invited to add guitars to a couple of songs and little by little, the idea of turning it into a band emerged.Jerry was unable to continue with the band due to health reasons and passed away in June of 2016. A series of drummers came and went, until Rickie Ray Heinzman took over the position in late 2017.The first show was at The Stonegate in early 2016. Since then the band has performed at Jazzbones, Louie G's, The Swiss, The Valley, The Airport, and at several outdoor festivals.Darby Picnic has released 4 singles with videos, and in January of 2018 released "The CBB Sessions", their first full length album.

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