Prophets of Addiction

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk Rock

"rock from Seattle"

Every once in a great – and blessed – while, a band comes along that encapsulates everything that’s great about rock-n-roll. The Prophets of Addiction is that band. These guys are so authentic and such masters at what they do that it’s like some mad scientist extracted the pure essence from their genre – Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, The Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, LA Guns, Lords of the New Church and all the best glam/punk bands – and gave rise to The Prophets of Addiction. With songs that will play in your head long after the CD stops and looks that kill, The Prophets of Addiction are the total package. It’s been way too long for a band like POA to come to us lovers of metal, mascara and musical mayhem. Their debut album “Babylon Boulevard” brings back those freewheeling, whiskey soaked, halcyon days (nights, really) when the Sunset Strip hosted countless punk/metal mash-up bands looking to hit the big time – and, of course, all the girls, girls, girls they could get. Fast forward to 2010, when POA formed, and this era lives on in the new millennium. The Prophets of Addiction are: lead singer and bass player Lesli Sanders, Jimmy Mess on drums and G.G. and Brandon Barger on guitar. Sanders produced the CD. Made for what he does, Sanders seems to have been birthed from the very womb of the LA glam scene. He attracted many new fans while playing in several highly influential national acts in the past– and partying as hard as he jammed onstage. After a while, the drugs and booze got to be too much and he returned to his hometown. Now in his fifth year of being free of those addictions, Sanders puts his all into his music and it shows. The primary songwriter among the Prophets, he starts with a riff or tune and the whole band jumps in to craft the song. Sanders writes the lyrics, and through his writing he tells his stories. “Babylon Boulevard” shows this in myriad ways. Musically, every track is markedly different from the next but with a common thread of swagger and strut.They pulled in some big names for their debut album and the production value of “Babylon Boulevard” is top notch. Phil Soussan did the mixing: his long resume includes playing bass with Ozzy Osbourne and co-writing Ozzy's hit “Shot in the Dark.” The CD was mastered by Dave Hillis, whose work can be heard in albums ranging from Pearl Jam to Queensryche.The debut CD has garnered nothing but praise throughout the press, and industry insiders are claiming Prophets Of Addiction have what it takes to make a lasting impact on the music scene for years to come. The band has successfully completed tours of Europe, Australia, as well as the USA. Plans are currently underway for a return to Europe in Spring of 2013. The band is currently in the writing and pre-production stages for the follow up to “Babylon Boulevard as well as actively seeking labels for an upcoming release. Here's whatthe press is saying:#2 CD of 2010 Adam Kulkey Metal Hammer MagazineBabylon Boulevard is one of the best debut for a long time in this genre and because nowadaysEurope is more open for bands like The Prophets of Addiction (especially Italy and Spain), hopefully we cancatch them live in the summer.9 out of 10 -Adam Kulkey Metal Hammer MagazineIt'll have all the glam bangers jumping for joy with plenty of big choruses and the sleazy drawl of LesliSanders; this is possibly the best album of its genre for many a moon - if only Guns N' Roses still maderecords like this the world would be a better place. It's unashamedly down 'n' dirty and combines glammed upglimpses of the Ramones ('Rejection') with some super sleazy riffage like the La Guns used to peddle ('Trigger')to the summery wheeze of 'Where R U Now'. The vocals here remind me a little of Stiv Bators. A most enjoyabletrip indeed.Definitely worth seeking out, if you still wear anything shiny made by Lip Service...Or if you remember whatindividuality, liberty, rebellion, and FUN felt like. Epic. Gnarly.-Sugar Buzz MagazineSometimes rock 'n' roll can get dissected and way too serious and people tend to lose sight of the fact that moreoften than not it's an entertainment business, it's not all about social commentary or politics and that's where TheProphets Of Addiction come in. It's brash, noisy, snotty and a lot of fun. Obvious comparisons would be thelikes of Guns N' Roses - there is an unavoidable comparison, especially on opener 'Hang Me Up Sanders hassimilar tones to that of Mr W Axl Rose - Well delivered, well played and a cut above some of the usual trashthat watered down this genre. Lesli's got star power. I like the upbeat pop anthems, and the slithering gothic creepiness, that remindsme of several different Cali death-rock bands, including the Ultras, Christian Death, and Forty Five Grave."Where R U Now" is almost flawlessly beautiful, in that glimmery, juvenile, "Too Fast For Love", meets SkidRow's "I Remember You", sorta way. At their best, they come on, like a more dangerous, and volatile version ofElectric Angels, they definitely possess the full-blown, arena shakin' rockstar aspirations-Sugar Buzz Magazine

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