Champagne Sunday

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Indie

"Pearl Jam meets Bette Midler"

Powerful, honest, edgy, and refreshingly original, Champagne Sunday attacks the stage with a show that is heartfelt, engaging, and performed with a desperate enthusiasm and chemistry seldom seen in today’s bands. Champagne Sunday transcends genre enough to create their own, coalescing the multi-genre tastes of today’s fickle audiences into a catalog that defies traditional definition. Their 2006 release "Make It Mine" garnered some radio play from local and college stations and won the group three MAVRIC awards (including Best Rock Song and Best Overall Song of 2007) out of five nominations. The band toured nationally twice in 2007 in support of the album and expanded their fan base to New York and Seattle.With the release of their follow-up album "North" in 2008, the band won three more MAVRIC awards and landed an endorsement deal with Dean Markley. From Sept. ‘09 to Feb. ’10, after recording their five-song EP “Random Acts of Blindness”, the band toured relentlessly in the Pacific Northwest and California, promoting their music and perfecting their live show. 2012 brought about a lot of changes for Champagne Sunday. Having played more often as a duo, Jessi and Jared decided to make their fourth album "Heaven Knows" on their own. With the brief addition of Evan Rohar on trumpet, the duo recorded and mixed the entire thing in their living room on Garageband. The tour that followed led them back up to the Pacific Northwest, where the two-piece show was met with such enthusiasm from crowds that the band decided to relocate there permanently.

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