• Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Rock from Seattle"

PALOOKA is big thick two guitar rock the way God intended it. Singer Paul Passarelli belts out melody lines full of emotion and purpose with tenacity. Duffy Delgado and Glen Logan trade flurries of devastating and searing guitar punches reminiscent of a barroom brawl. All of which sits on the rock solid pounding foundation built on the talents of Howard Binner on bass and the percussive mauler Jason Reavis on drums. PALOOKA clearly borrows from their past contributions to bands like Overlord, Bible Stud and others while bringing those and other influences together to offer a complete Hard Rock package full of moxie, swagger and grit.What's Wrong With Wanting Everything is not only the title of PALOOKA’s debut cd and the accompanying title track but it also seems to be their approach to puttingtogether an album. The 11 songs on this cd cover a lot of ground which at timesmakes it hard to fathom how all these often divergent tunes sit so closelytogether, so comfortably. The good news for the listener is that they do.How you ask? It may be the fact that PALOOKA brings together musicians who havebeen haunting the Seattle scene from the pre grunge days to present (yes there was a pregrunge Seattle music scene). PALOOKA consists of former members ofOverlord, Bible Stud, Boss Martians, Razrez, Aggressive Nature, Devil'sEnd Drive, Debutant, and Born Naked. Combined with the influences PALOOKA sitesranging from Elton John and Louis Armstrong to Bowie/Ronson, KISS, Cheap Trick,Alice Cooper, UFO, Hanoi Rocks, Smack, Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols, The Cult, The Ramones, The RollingStones, Motorhead, Motley Crue and many more the picture gets a bit clearer.Topped off by the obvious Evel Knievel hero worship that asserts itself fromtheir younger days as demonstrated by the cover photo we start to get a glimpseof how they pull it off.What's Wrong With Wanting Everything goes from heavy and loudly extroverted attimes to subdued, self critical and introspective. Not afraid of guitar solos,or quiet acoustics the musical pallet here ranges from hard rock with metaltinged fury to something approaching alternative and at times even bluesy. Songson this cd deal with subjects ranging from larger social commentary with songslike Ugly American, and Dime Store Jesus, to the loss of a close friend andbrutal self examination on Sun Will Rise, and Golden Boy, to a gratuitous pursuitof life in the adrenaline fueled moment on the title track.Ambitious? Sure but it works. According to PALOOKA there is nothing wrong withwanting everything and their new cd proves that they just may be on to something.PALOOKA released a 2 song 7 inch vinyl single on August 27th 2013 featuring the song She's Speed. Songs from the What's Wrong With Wanting Everything album and the She's Speed single have been featured on KISW, Seattle's premier rock radio station, other terrestrial radio stations as well as many internet radio stations and podcasts worldwidePALOOKA has finished recording their next album called Turbo Excelente and are targeting a Winter of 2016 release date.

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