Among The Mayans

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Seattle based Metal/Deathcore/Hardcore"

Former members of local band Creature of The Deep (Kyle Menard and Vincent Trichanh) set forth May 2011 to create a band comprising of the musical styles they loved. Within a month the two individuals created 8 full songs blending two steps,technical riffs, drum fills and fast paced tremolos. Having the full set already layed out they scouted for the rest of the members. In June Kyle was connected with Kendall Wade through a mutual friend trying to help some fellas out. The day of the try out Kendall rolls through with long time friend Zachary Doane. The two came as a package eager to go head first into the game. In January 2012 Corey Thompson waltzes in with his 4 string Shecter bass and Ampeg SVT Classic claiming his spot to rumble the floor. Among the Mayans set sail into the studio on March 14, 2012 with Jared Dines guitarist of They Charge Like Warriors to record a self titled 6 song EP. The first two t-shirt prints will also be available day of the EP release which will be announced. We thank everyone that has supported us and stay tuned for the good stuff coming up.As of now the new members of among the mayans are Evan Pitzner on Vocals and Johan Horton on guitar.

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