Arisen From Nothing

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Metal from Seattle"

The Seattle based group Arisen From Nothing has always offered listeners a powerful, lethal combination of hard rock and metal, but the bands musical direction is evolving.In 2017, vocalist Jessie Brigham and drummer Brandon Fuller were added to the lineup. Brigham's deep heavy vocals add a new brutality to the bands sound while preserving the trademark groove oriented style. Brigham's in your face style is artfully contrasted with melodic passages. New drummer Brandon Fuller is the bands most recent addition. Fuller brings a thundering, hard hitting style that will create a chest pounding foundation for the band. Fuller's beats along with Elmore (guitar) and Hanson (bass), provide a rock solid groove for lead guitarist Steven Pontius' dynamic playing and shredding leads.The band will be releasing new music by the fall of 2017 on Collective Wave Records. Stay tuned!

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