Thou Shall Kill

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Death Metal

"Music to empower thyself"

The time has come once again for a new reign of power. From the north through rain, wind, and storm comes a new breed of death metal. Bringing back what was once lost in today's death metal. The art of creating dark and spiritual music that empowers the listener with a sonic soundscape of the past, present, and future. Thou Shall Kill are visionaries, not followers of trends but in fact creators of a new & truly different style of sheer apocalyptic destruction. This art of extreme metal will see new horizons as we strive to work hard and continue to bring quality yet devastating metal to the masses. Showing extreme technicality and memorable songwriting skills and show no mercy attitude to create memorable song's. Bringing back the sound, the attitude, the darkness of 90's European/ Florida death metal with a modern day touch. Releasing the 2006 demo " Penance Of Death." Then releasing the 2008 "Feeding Christians To Lions" and 2009 "True Evil" promo songs. Started as a one man project founded in 2004 in Los Angeles Ca. The living entity of founder guitarist/vocalist Dragonis Khan stopping at nothing and never compromising to change. Staying true to the the spirit of death metal and it's legacy. Maddy "Demonia" Hebard presents crushing guitar solos that will sure to lift spirits of the dead right out of their graves. Dillon "Destroyer" DePoe on drums carries the fast and heavy beats that can only be found in the deepest depths of the earth. Frank "Freak" Kattner the headhunter on bass lows from the darkest depths of earth. In April 2011 the "From The North" four song E.P. was released. Now in 2017, circle pits have become the new coliseum of blood elbows, ears, and necks that will never be the same again. The kings of Seattle death metal and the assassins throne have risen, ruled, and dominated by releasing their long-awaited new album "Death King Enthroned" on August 18th 2017... and has caused destruction and chaos throughout Washington State!

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