Cherry Rat

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original 50's Rockabilly

"Rockabilly from Las Vegas"

Formed in 2010, Cherry Rat & Os Gatunos was created by Cherry Rat (vocais) and Lex Tats (slap bass), their first experience in the Rockabilly scene. The first album "Bop to The Hell" was released in 2014 with Cherry Rat (vocals), Lex Tats (bass), Joe Marshall (guitar) and Pigmew (drums).The band played at the most important stages in the scene back in Brazil like Timbre Festival, Rio Custom Festival, Big River Festival and Psycho Carnival.Now, the band that started to be called "Cherry Rat" and residing in Las Vegas, USA they are currently working in their second album with the new guitarist Lee Jack and playing at some rockabilly events around the country.

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