Cirka: Sik

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal Rock

"Welcome to Las Vegas Villains!"

It was mid 2012 when Cirka:Sik vocalist KFW notified the rest of the group that he would be leaving Las Vegas to be at his Grandmothers side back home in Tacoma, Washington. She was battling late stage leukemia and family feared she wouldn't make it through the winter. Premonitions became reality and cancer conquered another life. In 2013 Omniom,Fraydom,Chris Benoit and KFW began to write their sophomore album titled "Onconomy." A second album to follow their 2010 release "C1S1" that is bound to skim the surface of every heart that has been impacted by this plague. "Cancer has affected me in many ways. My grandfather passed away on thanksgiving when I was seven, my mother in-law a year and a half ago. I'm constantly in fear of having the doctors find something on me and that's why I just don't go to the doctor. After what I saw Mom go through, I just don't think doctors actually know much more than myself about the cure." Omniom (Bass) says after going through the pain of loss. KFW adds on "there is something seriously wrong in dire need of exposure here, one in three Americans are diagnosed with cancer presently, that's up from the one in ten it was in the 70's. Someone is collecting the cash from this notion of in-curability. I am not a doctor, nor am I intending to be but maybe it takes the passion of heartache to truly be in a position to change things, and that's what we will do with Onconomy."Cirka:Sik has been hitting the Las Vegas music scene strong since 2009. Performing with some great acts such as: Soulfly, Fear Factory, Shadows Fall, American Head Charge, Taproot, Spineshank and many more. They have toured the west cost multiple times and you could even catch them executing emo kids at California Metalfest. They recorded their debut album "C1S1" at Mike's Hard Studio in Tacoma, WA which is a ten track piece of chaos you can pick up on any of your online retailers. Cirka:Sik are four guys that refuse to hold a drop of energy back at a live performance. They have been noticed by such local media as Vegas Rock's magazine "Scene veterans CIRKA:SIK were next, and their unique bass heavy unorthodox metal style kept the energy flowing, and the crowd was loving it."There is no let downs at a CS show, there is only rage, ambivalence, and sometimes even blood. Fraydom began his percussion career at a young age marching in local vegas drum lines and found his way to the metal genre. "I was always just looking for something heavier to listen to as a kid" he says. With his study of music theory and desire to create cacophonously, he is key in the essence of the sik. Omniom is the bitching rhythm that refuses to shut the hell up. He creates the music he hears the least of, a solid mix between heavy metal and alternative but in a unique "slap and pluck" technique you may hear from some of the best bassists worldwide. Don't step in front of this guy in the pit. Chris Benoit is a guitarist who has no problem dealing with the obstacle of a talented bassist. In Cirka:Sik there is no following the rhythm section; you're on your own. Harmony arises through a seemingly structureless rhythm and it creates a pulse your soul cant help beating to. Vocalist KFW is a voice of reason within the chaos. With his in depth study of politics and world issues he uses music to spread ideas that lye in the shadows. Possessing a mission statement fulfilled with anger toward the empire, you may find it difficult to retain from revolt. Lyrically he shoves information down your throat; musically he combines innocent melody with furious screams that take you from your seat."In a city full of arrogance, laziness and lack of ambition, its refreshing to always get 100% from a band in all aspects. From writing, performing, promoting and maintaining a solid structure, Cirka:Sik has been able to tour, record and dominate their local scene and spread infectiously through the lands they conquer." local promoter and ass kicker Josh Figg explains. Expect the Sik spreading the virus soon in a city near you.

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