A Cruel Twist of Fate

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Call it black grunge, nu-metalcore, or just plain metal; A Cruel Twist of Fate seamlessly blends old with new to create an accessible yet authentic sound."

A Cruel Twist of Fate is an original musical act from Las Vegas. Spawned from the endless song spout inside, the idea attracted like-minded others. Heavy metal hippie hooliganry ensued. Shenanigans were had. Magic mushrooms may have been involved, it was a long night.In a very Hellraiser-esque way, the live band slowly formed. Like a newborn deer, it sprang into action and immediately started showing off. Repetitive, random, last-minute member changes eventually morphed into a molten metal mutant. Now it desires only peace. Or pizza.Hard to tell; hippies mumble.

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