Angela Lazon

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Solo/ Duo Pop

"Angela Lazon"

Angela was born in Las Vegas Nevada. She is White Mountain Apache and Lac Courte Orilles Ojibwe. She knew early on that she liked to perform. She became a dancer and danced in several Las Vegas shows. A good friend and mentor Wayne Waters saw something else in her, a singer. He tried gently to push her but she at first she had terrible stage fright. Later on she ran into Wayne again, but this time she did sing. He used her on three songs. Two by King Jay and one by Sodier Brown. It was a starting point for Angela, but she didnt take her singing career seriously till her best friend heard her sing Silent Night to her children. Her friend was in tears, and soon after that Angela sang in front of others and they cried too. It was then Angela realized she must be able to sing. The first place Angela sang was Ceasars Palace on Christmas eve and got a standing ovation. Angela now records with recording artists Diego Bennett, Talbit Snow,and Toto Zara,TJ Marlatt, Allen Tafoya, Mike Genova and has worked with musicians such as Kelly Garney, Lynnwood Belle, David Suzuki, Brian Kelly, Howi Rice, and of course Wayne Waters and many others. Angela would like to be the first native American on the top forty charts in 25 years.

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