• Las Vegas, NV, USA
Solo/ Duo Rap


Early Life and Parliament-FunkadelicClinton was born in los angeles, California, grew up in los angeles and currentlyresides in las vegas, nevada. Clinton was held by michael Jackson backstage of the grammy's in 1993. Clinton was giving the name "Tra'zae". During his teen years clinton formed a music group inspired by his grand father and father (George and Tracey Clinton)while being in the studio, at home or at shows they performed at.Tracey (Tra'zae) Clinton produced his first record titled "TECNO PIMP" when he was 9 years old. With his mother on the hook and his father on the two verses and also clinton on one verse.2001Clinton lived in tallahassee with his grandfather. There clinton joined the school's marching band playing percussion snare, bass-drum and quads.Clinton came home from school one day and downstairs theres was full drum-set.He was very excited to try so he started playing not-knowing his grandfather had The Red Hot Chili Peppers visiting. As Clinton continued playing, The Red Hot Chili Peppers walked in the room and Clinton stopped. The band ask him to keep playing and since then Clinton has expanded his talents in musical instruments.Clinton then moved to las vegas where he has been living since 2004.There he continued in marching band, playing other instruments, and rapping/singing through out his elementary, middle, and high-school. During high-school Clinton conceived his first born daughter at the age of 15 which inspired him to write a song titled "Jay'anna" . Clinton then conceived his first born son and was again inspired to produce/write a song titled "Tra'zae's A G" to his first album"THE G" at the age of 16 2008. Clinton then continued to create music and started touring with his grand-father at the age of 17. Clinton then created his second album influenced by his grand-father and father titled "THE G 2 C". Clinton thenconceived his second son at the at the age of 18. Clinton is currently touring with his grand-father (George Clinton) Performing internationally in front of audiences of hundreds and thousands of people per night! Now working on his third album at the age of 19.

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