• Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hip-Hop

"Hip hop from Las Vegas"

Today Ahmadi has built his new brand "griffin pack" an eclectic foundation representing a multi-cultural, unique, and universal vision that targets a worldwide market representing LOVE, UNITY, and STRENGTH. Inspiring and motivating the audience in spiritual ways creating a sensational atmosphere! Supported and pushed independently by powerful members, Ahmadi is continuing to reach new heights in social media with great positive attraction through his vision combining rhythms, sounds, and genres across the international spectrum with a strong creative vocal presence...Hip Hop, Rap, EDM, Rock, Darkhop, Chillstep, Chilltrap, Trap, Festival Trap, American, Indian, Persian, Latin, European, Arabian, African, Southeast Asian, SOCA, Soul, Reggae, etc

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