Take the Lead

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Pop Punk

"Pop punk never died."

Take the Lead brings you pop punk with an alternative edge. With a sound often compared to pop punk bands of the 90's and a high-energy stage performance, Take the Lead has a bit of something for everyone. Conceived by lead guitarist Dustyn Pelletier and frontman Mike Lunen in early 2011, the band has grown exponentially in not only fans, but also musical direction. With the slick bass lines brought into the fray by bassist Jeremy Bice and the incredible performance and precision of drummer Jon Olinger, the band brings a serious party to your ears. Two years in the running and they've burned this city down by rocking one venue at a time (from every dive bar in Vegas to the House of Blues)! Take the Lead; four musicians doing what they love to do. Play music. Pop punk never died; it was just waiting for someone to Take the Lead.

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