• Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Techno

"Techno from Las Vegas"

Falik" is "new planet blues", cross-grenre music for dance and mood utilizing Middle Eastern and European modalities featuring Charlie Pecot on the Irish bouzouki, guitar, bass, hand drum, and the occasional vocal. It's "Ethno-Techno".Falik (pronounced "fa - leek'") is an American world fusion electronica band originally from Yucaipa, CA, formed in 2003 by Charlie Pecot. As its main producer, composer, and instrumentalist, Pecot is the only official member of Falik and is solely responsible for the musical direction of the band. Live perfomances are rare, but intense; Pecot prefers to perform as Falik alone backed up by banks of pre-recorded material. The music of Falik encompasses a wide range of genres while retaining a characteristically unique sound, blending urban, groove-oriented textures - "new", samples of ethnic instruments and rhythms - "planet", and his own musical performances - "blues".Audiences from such widely diverse disciplines as belly dance, sculpting, painting, music, teaching, and technology have warmly received Falik's efforts, due to a complex synthesis of Mediterranean and Middle East influences and contemporary beats. The appeal is further enhanced by the emergence of Pecot as arguably one of the country's leading Irish bouzouki players, using the instrument in ways not entirely embraced by the traditional community in which it was forged. DiscographyTBD - What Now? 2010 - Bring It2009 - Falik's Revenge2007 - Elvolution2005 - Dreams from the Machine2005 - The Ballad of el Efe'2003 - Streaks and Strokes

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