• Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hard Rock Metal

"Rock from Las Vegas"

Jason knew at the age of 6, when he heard Zeppelin’s “What is and What Should Never Be” that music would forever be a part of his life. He began at the age of 12 studying and learning the tenor banjo – entirely by ear. With the uncanny ability to also play songs by ear with little or no practice, he decided to pick up the guitar at 19 to see if he could accomplish the same thing.

With the help of his good friend (teaching him just the 7 basic open chords), he did.With a Synsonics guitar (you know the one – had the speaker built into the body) and the entire Led Zeppelin catalog, he got to work. Spending upwards of 4 hours a day between college classes, Jason was determined to learn every Jimmy Page lick in the book… all by ear!

After feeling a little more proficient (about a year), Jason picked up a used (late 80’s vintage) Charvel Charvette and a Crate G-60 single speaker amp. He began to explore and emulate different guitarists from all different genres of music. Then, in the fall of 1993, he began to jam with other local bands; although he never played out live, he at least got to test drive a bunch of different music personalities and get the feel for what it was like to play with other musicians instead of with a stereo.

Post college and living in Chicago, he befriended a popular local singer and a folksy guitarist, where they formed the band FüSE. In 2009, Jason moved to Las Vegas, NV, where he resides to this day. 

Jason has participated in several Vegas musical projects, having performed with local acts Sonic Contrast (2011 - 2013), Klick (2013 - 2015), and most currently with Fringe (2016 - present). In addition to working with Fringe, in 2017 Jason also completed and released his second solo album titled (SUPER)EGO, the follow up to 2011's Sonic Contrast. 

"Music is something that is meant to be experienced with the mind, body, and soul, no matter what type of music it is." That statement pretty much sums up Jason's attitude and approach to his music. Playing 98% from the heart and 2% from the head enables him to create the highly emotional sonic masterpieces listeners can experience through all three of the aforementioned attributes. He wants to make sure his music is memorable, engaging, and above all, entertaining to the masses - something that seems to be missing from the music industry today.

"I think that's one of the things that makes a lot of independent artists like myself stand out from many popular label artists on the music scene today." Jason says. "In the sense that a lot of us are doing all aspects of the music (writing, playing, recording, engineering, etc.) ourselves and it just sounds so radically different, raw, and refreshing compared to what you hear on the radio. I think very few songs on the radio today have the originality, emotion and power behind them that they need to have." 

The reasoning, Jason says, is quite simple, "The record companies have a “formula” that they follow, and they don't deviate from it; artists just don't have creative control like they used to anymore, so everything sounds like everything else, which is pretty much why I (and many people) don't listen to radio anymore, and why I'm putting my music out there. Now is the time. People are ready for a musical change. I'm on the scene to hopefully help bring about that change – to challenge those conventions.”

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