Kris Huayta

  • North Hollywood, CA 91606, USA
Band: Original Composer/ Songwriter Session Musician Wedding Entertainment Acoustic Classic Rock Folk Garage Rock Grunge Musicals Post Rock Rock


I am a a guitarist, percussionist, and composer from Los Angeles.  I always had a passion and adoration for music from a young age. He started playing guitar at the age of 12 and studied mainly classic rock and classical. In high school, he joined the drum line where played a variety of marching drums as well as various pit percussion instruments. It was there where he started to learn how to write and arrange, playing in several bands and writing and arranging Beatles medleys for his friends in the marching band. 

After High School I studied music composition at the California Institute of the Arts. In that time, I learned to write in various styles for small and large ensembles and worked on music for several short films. After graduating from CalArts, I started working for Human, a Santa Monica based original music company, as a studio engineer and freelance composer. I now compose for Night Owl Melodies as well as playing guitar, keyboards, and percussion in Los Angeles based bands, The Withers and Derde Verde.

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