Hyperion's Horizon

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Rock from Las Vegas"

The terminology for Hyperion’s Horizon is derived from the Greek words; Hyper and Ion. Hyperion’s Horizon was the Titan, God of light, in which the name means “watcher from above” and/or “he who goes above”.Established in the beginning of 2009 and based in Las Vegas, Hyperion’s Horizon was originated by Nicko Bracamonte and his brother, Ely. Nicko is a blues influenced guitarist, while his Brother has perfected the ways of being a full fledged, metal bass player. Shortly after, the band recruited Vocalist, Roux’d and childhood friend, Zac Staylon, to lead the charge with hard hitting drums. With this powerhouse, the band was able to make for themselves with the Vegas music sceneOnce the band was able to establish itself and dominate the local scene with heart-pounding, high octane, Rock & Roll, Roux’d, the Lead Vocalist, unfortunately left the band to pursue other opportunities. However, he was soon replaced by Lead Vocalist and Synth Player, Michael Zubritsky, or better known as “Z”. Bringing to the band his powerful vocals and diverse, yet creative song writing capabilities, Hyperion’s Horizon was back in action and ready to take Vegas’s music scene by storm. By the beginning of 2015, Hyperion’s Horizon was on its way to total domination. Opening up for Saving Abel, Faster Pussy Cat, and Bullet Boys, the band was once again gaining its momentum back. Shortly after, the band had to part ways with the Percussionist, Zac, but that didn’t stop them for long….Currently, the band is nearing completion of its first, full-length album, now that the final piece of the puzzle has been put in place. During this time, Hyperions Horizon will also be playing acoustic sets/open mic nights in and around Vegas.Go above!

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