Dr Rock

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Awesome guitar skills"

Freddie Paguio AKA Dr.Rock was born in Okinawa, Japan when his father Boyd Paguio was performing there. Freddie became a full time musician in 1986 when he was just Fifteen years old. He started by playing rock but learned at a young age to be versatile and is able to play and sing country, oldies, jazz, and anything that would keep him working. He has opened for many major bands and artists also. Freddie played and sang for the Manila Boys with his dad and was the leader of the band at the age of 19 after his dad left the band. Freddie has been band leader of two top cover bands in western Canada knowing almost every club in every town and city. Him and his members would also be house band for many (A) Circuit rooms, and clubs with the capacity from 250 people to 1900. Freddie is a pro and veteran in this business, therefore he knows what it takes to sustain staying power in long term contracts and he has learned from his dad many years ago how to read the crowd. His high tenor voice is so soothing to listen to and years of skills will be sure to entertain crowds anywhere he goes. Freddie is very excited about the new generation of talented Dr. Rock members and is looking forward to rocking some rockers out there in the future!!Kodey was born September 10th, 1991 in Lake Havasu, Arizona and is the son of a full time musician (Steve Lutcavish of the Desert Outlaws.) He grew up on classic and southern rock. His dad (Steve) taught him guitar at age eleven. He has been playing in many bands such as Eleven Dust, Less Than Zero, Pirlo, and Desert Outlaws. He is a great showman, singer and he can also shred the guitar. The Ladies love to watch Kodey also. Kodey and Alfredo are the best of friends and spend a lot of time working on music because music is what he enjoys the most.Born March 23rd, 1992 in Prince Rupert B.C. Canada. He is the son and grandson of full time entertainers. He was raised by a single father on the road by a full time rock band called (Dr. Rock) From hotels to band house's, that was life. At the age of 10, he was taught how to play drums by his father (Freddie Paguio.) He is a great song writer and singer and can also harmonize any voice. His influences are Tommy Lee and Tommy Aldrige. He was with Dr. Rock since he was ten but also the band leader of (Hate All Sirens) and also (Pirlo.) He is the Playboy of the group and really attracts the ladies. Just a great Musician!!Jeff was born October 3rd, 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada and grew up in the entertainment capital of the would. He picked up the guitar in his early teens and has played in 5 other bands. The most popular band he is known to be with is Malus Rex. He is what you would call a (SHREDDER) because of his skills to be able to play like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads and many more of the great guitar heros. He brings his awesome guitar skills to the stage now with Dr.Rock!

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