Intrinsic Nature

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hard Rock

"Intrinsic Nature is a unique power group that formed in Las Vegas by multi-I.N.strumentalist, Milo Keysington."

“I.N.spired by ‘true’ musicians, legendary bands of great talent & the power of profound music, Intrinsic Nature continues this time honored tradition with a passion. I.N. the interest of musical furtherance, the band hopes to succeed on this sometimes difficult quest to enlighten the younger generation and all others who wish to transcend the mediocrity of our times. I.N.deed, it would be a triumph for all 'real' musicians sensibility.” -Milo KeysingtonMilo has brought together a "meeting of the minds", so to speak, with the formation of the Award Winning Neo Prog/Rock band Intrinsic Nature. (I.N.) As the groups main composer/writer, Milo Keysington on Bass, Keys & Lead Vocals, along with Steve Myers on Drums/Assorted Percussion/Backup Vocals and Bruno Levy on Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals are based out of exciting Las Vegas. With the chemistry of the band being very high, this new music stirs the imagination & increases your IQ! I.N. members are geared up to sonically create a dynamic experience for our fans and listeners! The band wants to go back to the "daze" when musicians were willing to take risks in music.

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