Neil Merryweather - Vids

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hard Rock Rock


Neil Merryweather-Vocalist, Bassist and Producer has played and recorded with some of the greats in rock music. He has joined forces with guitarist/keyboardist Jamie Herndon and drummer Dusty Watson to record his multi-style music from Physch-Rock, Hard Rock and Metal in HUNDRED WATT HEAD.The Band also recorded a blues-rock cd called THE LA LA LAND BLUES BAND. Neil is also planning on re-releasing his SPACE RANGERS and KRYPTONITE albums on one cd called "SPACE RANGERS-THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX" later this year. He is currently working on the second HUNDRED WATT HEAD project and last year recorded tracks for "SPACE RANGERS 3" with original members Michael Willis and Jamie Herndon. It's still a work in progress but will be available later this year also.

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