Kaine Sosa

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Original Hip-Hop

"Hip-Hop music band Las vegas"

Starting his career in 2005, Kaine Sosa has brought back a certain feeling to Hip-Hop. Writing his own music in 2005 and still today, Kaine's first year was a rocky one, creating a slew of “Mixtape” records trying to find his sound with records such as “Putcha Guns Up”, “The Best Is Me”, and “Shoot”. Perhaps the most notable of his early records was his myspace released “100 Bars n Runnin” which brought him great recognition from listeners all across the states. With 2005 closing out, that sound was found and an industry ready Kaine emerged. In 2006 the ante was upped with songs such as “Rollin' or What”, “Tonight Baby”, and “Gimme The Crown” all of which Sosa's sound was completely transformed from his street based and oriented flow and music to a more commercial and marketable music industry sound. In 2007 he linked up with Las Vegas' “Blade Boys Inc.” & “On Blast Ent.”. Under the umbrella of both these camps Kaine was given the space and opportunity to create more meaningful, and soulful music. 2008, Kaine was definitely Vegas' best kept secret. Running into a fellow Las Vegas artist and high school friend by the name “2nd Nature”, Kaine was informed about the then last Saturday of every month “Black Book Sessions” where artists from all over the U.S. Would come to perform. Performing songs such as “Gimme The Crown”, “Rhyme on Time”, and various freestyle sessions with Vegas' elite Hip-Hop artists. In 2009 Kaine continued his career with no pen and pad songs such as “Whatchu Say”, and “Think It Over”. With the support of Las Vegas growing, there is no telling in what will happen next for the Kaine. With an album due titled “Slash Illest” yet with no current release date, mystery, anticipation, and curiosity surround this young artist.

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