• Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Original EDM Funk Hip-Hop House Pop R&B Techno

"DJ Torch is a talented las vegas DJ, Emcee and Music Producer from the SF Bay Area."

Music has always played a large role in the life of DJ Torch. Whether it was putting together mix tapes using his old Teac cassette deck or learning how to scratch on industry standard gear, he was always looking for the deepest way to a master groove.All this early practice resulted in DJ Torch developing a strong instinct to provide the ultimate party experience by using his uncanny ability to read exactly what a crowd wants. He works with a style that builds the excitement through unique music mixes punctuated by his own emcee hype that takes the party to another level. Just as you think the music has hit its high point, he takes it even higher. DJ Torch is familiar with the repertoire of all of the key music genres including Old School, R&B, Funk, EDM, Deep Soul, Drum & Bass, Trance, House, 90′s Pop, Techno, and Hip Hop, even throwing in classical music due to his father’s influence. DJ Torch keeps the music pumping and the drinks flowing to a party parched crowd.DJ Torch’s professional career spans 25 years. Starting back in the early 80’s during the roller disco craze where he worked as an emcee and DJ at a place called Phase III in Fremont, CA. As his mixing skills grew, he added Oakland and Berkeley clubs to his list of gigs including Uppy’s and Ruthie’s INN. DJ Torch then began working at comedy clubs providing the atmosphere for top comedians and exciting the crowd as he brought them on stage and keeping the audience around for the after party.Torch – The producerDuring his DJ career, Torch would write his own tasty grooves using Roland Keyboards and the super classic TR808 groove box. The Jams have a catchy and timeless flavor to them and can even today would be very welcome to a diverse crowd of Party people and music enthusiasts.In conclusion what sets Torch apart from other DJs is his relaxed personality, business sense, versatility and his ability to Emcee and Mix Effectively.

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