Music by David Rosen

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
Band: Original Electronic Rap Rock

"Award-winning music composer with experience in films, shorts, commercials, games, albums and more. Always looking for new exciting projects."

Through 12 years of industry experience, Award-Winning Composer and Producer David Rosen has built a strong reputation for quality, integrity and innate musical talent. Many have applauded the high-quality of David's work, as well as his range and efficiency as a composer. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, David has worked on a large number of projects since 1999. While his passion expands across a wide span of genres, David is most notably known for his electronic and new age music, which are sometimes infused with hip-hop and rock. He works with clients from all across the globe, and from various backgrounds and industries. David's extensive portfolio includes film scores, commercials, jingles, corporate tracks, video games and websites - just to name a few. His debut album of instrumental music "Echoes In The Dark" was released in 2013 and included the video "Lights In The Sky" which was accepted into 5 international film festivals and won two awards. The son of world-famous record collector Rich Rosen, music has been part of David's life since the very beginning. For him, it's not only a profession but a way of life. What began as just a personal hobby quickly transformed into a full-blown obsession that's resulted in a rewarding and ever-evolving career. David is always looking for new opportunities to grow in his art.

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