Aye Eyez

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Original 00's

"Smoke It Up Productions"

Welcome to the life of a Cali girl by the name of Aye Eyez born on March 17 .  She has made magic with all her lyrical words. She tells true stories that she has overcome she is different from all the other female artist that are on the hot top list. AE was born to be one of the best new upcoming female MC. Aye Eyez has witness a lot of crazy life events that she has defeat .Aye Eyez is unique in every way she can dance sing act rap ,and model. What every she puts her mind to she make it come to reailty put her to the test.  And you will see the best of her skill that are outrageous the style that she has attract jealousy. Her name has made it to the point that people want to use the same name. Aye Eyez. Her fame is grow she is aiming for success living be behind a legacy to be called a icon.. So enjoy the book of Aye Eyez the super nova riasing to be come a omega 

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