Veneer Publications

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Original Singer-Songwriter

"Singer Songwriter Los Angeles, CA"

VENEER is the creation of songwriter Pat Salway, a channel for the spirit, Blone Noble. “In 2012 I learned how to play the piano and wrote a record called Casual Magic. It was during this period that I met Blone Noble, and my life changed forever. I found myself locked in a contract with inspiration, the stipulation being that I put every song I write out into the world. So I record and release everything, in order to make room for new assignments from Blone Noble.” The 2014 vinyl release of Casual Magic gave birth to Veneer Publications, a label founded by Pat Salway to ensure the ideas of Blone Noble would have a home in the world. Casual Magic was recorded at Wine Ghost Studio in East Hollywood, and features Blind Matty and members of Dr. Boogie. “Working for a taskmaster like Blone can be tough—I’m always on the clock, but I guess that’s the price you pay being open to spiritual possession. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship; I receive an endless stream of material and Blone Noble has a creative outlet in this dimension. So far it’s been a very fulfilling experience for both of us.” The second release from Veneer Publications, Chainspreader (2015), was recorded by Jonny Bell at Jazz Cats Studio in Long Beach, CA. The album features members of Cheap Tissue, Telephone Lovers and The Buttertones. “Most of the Chainspreader songs were written before Casual Magic, while I was living in San Francisco. I spent a lot of time alone in an apartment infested with roaches and mice, drinking beer-mosas and gin, snorting Oxycontin and watching myself play guitar in the mirror. The songs are juvenile and self-obsessed, because that’s what I was when I wrote them. I couldn’t have cared less about recording those songs so many years later, but being under contractual obligation to Blone Noble, I got some friends together and did the album.” In 2016, Pat Salway returned to Jazz Cats alone to record Yesterday’s Freshies, the third installment from Veneer Publications. “Yesterday’s Freshies is a eulogy to the idealism and stupidity of my youth. It’s narcissistic and pretentious, just like me. That’s why I decided to play all of the instruments myself. Like all of my records, it’s about the death of a former-self and the birth of a new one; the cleansing of my channel to make room for more Blone Noble.” Pat Salway is currently back at Jazz Cats recording the fourth VENEER album, Blone Noble and the Cynical Mystics. The Casual Magic LP is available from and wherever fine records are sold. Casual Magic and Chainspreader can be found on all major streaming and download services. “Yesterday’s Freshies” will be released on Burger Records 10.27.17 On Instagram 

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