Salems Lott

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Original Hard Rock Metal Rock

"Shock Metal band"

Salems Lott is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA by Monroe Black and Jett Black. They were later joined by bassist Kay Wada and drummer Tony F. Corpse. Once the lineup was solidified, they self-released their debut self-titled EP of 7 songs. The band's sound encompasses a wide variety of influences which they refer to as "Shock Metal"; from Heavy Metal, Shock, Glam, Death, Power, Prog, Black, Speed and some classical elements as well. They're known for their outlandish style and hyper-aggressive shows that had them banned from multiple clubs in the Hollywood area. Onstage antics such as dismembering a chicken which had them thrown out of a club mid-performance and having their fans/club patrons removed from the premises, resulting in the club shutting down for the evening due to the onstage event. Other antics included; self-mutilation, beheading with a chainsaw, fornication, fire/explosives and the consumption of intestines, cow tongues and other animal parts, which in turn they would litter onto their audience. Their most recent record "Mask of Morality" is their latest effort which was released in May 2017. The record is compromised of two parts. Part 1 consisting of three songs released in May 2017. The record features a heavier/darker sound in comparison to their previous release.

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