Readership Hostile

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Funk Indie Post Rock Psychedelic

"Dark post-punk from LA. "Toll of the Rattle" is out on Bandcamp, iTunes, & Spotify. Co-produced by Paul Roessler (Mike Watt, Nina Hagen, The Screamers)"

Readership Hostile is a cathartic collision of deathrock, goth, early punk and contemporary psych propelled by an effervescent, force-of-nature frontwoman. Darkly ornate yet visceral, the band ambushed its native Los Angeles with a string of startling performances in 2013, before bottling its organic on-stage aura into a brutally beautiful debut EP. A second EP, "Toll of the Rattle" arrived in September, 2016, recorded and co-produced by Paul Rosseler (Mike Watt/45 Grave/Nina Hagen/The Screamers). Neither the vision of a single member nor the neat collective expression of all four, Readership Hostile’s songs, though structured and disciplined, can defy (or even deny) convention, while the pixie-ish Pearson’s intuitively theatrical performances embrace stream-of-consciousness spontaneity and impulsive, abstract instincts.

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