• San Diego, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Melodic Metal from Southern California"

The Meaning: The Aghori's in East India strongly believe that there are no opposites in this world and that the conventional distinctions between purity and impurity are actually an illusion. They celebrate inner peace and tranquility through dark rituals. Considered "Outcasts" by society, this sect lives on cremation grounds, smearing themselves with the ashes of corpses and eating from a cranial begging bowl. The purpose of embracing pollution in these practices is realization of non-duality through transcending social taboos and seeing the illusory nature of all conventional categories. The Band: In the modern musical world of artificial happiness, Aghori celebrates tranquility and inner-peace through the dark sounds of heavy metal. "Metal has a soulful intensity that gives us a feeling of oneness, and a spiritual transformation unlike any other." Aghori's onstage presence entices fans from all walks of life and backgrounds. Every show is an opportunity to channel your pain and anger into a soul cleansing experience. "It's basically about not being afraid to be an outsider," says Vocalist Dustin Keimig. "It's about refusing to follow life's prescriptions."

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