Rival Alaska

  • Coachella, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Indie

"An invasion of indie-pop sounds, with driven melodies, and fizzy anthematic lyrics."

RIVAL ALASKA --- is an American indie-rock group formed in early 2012 with founding members James Johnson, Max Powell and Hugo Chavez. The group started off with a talent show act; all in the meanwhile uncovering their talents. Johnson met Max in middle school, and started a very basic group essentially leading to after-school jam sessions. The aspirations the two had for music only continued to grow along with their age. Approaching high school a revelation of growing up led them to formally create a band, and finding new members to play. Early 2012 Rival Alaska had been formed after the 2012 talent show at their local high school, and shortly after Johnson met Chavez, the drummer. After various transitions of styles, appearances and direction; they ended up signed to an independent record label. A year after signing they were able to release a full length album “Vinyl Image.” Taking on the road after the release, and filling up a theater of people for their release.. Opening for Andy Grammer, Fishbone and Jacquie Lee showed them top 40 potential..so they got to work. Rival Alaska had transformed into another act, redefining the band. Late 2017 the band revamped into a new direction of entertainment, and creation of music.The single release expected by the group by the end of Oct. 2017, Tunnel Vision, also came including an entirely redone performance. This group is one to follow, and with an incredible story. You can expect a vision out of this group, and insane projects & performances.

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