Romance & Rebellion

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Indie

"With and impeccably smart style, R&R's vintage influenced melodies meet raw emotionally charged lyrics, set to the tempo of a modern pop climate."

"We all came to LA looking for something...what we found was each other." - David LaViola - All American Pop-Rockers Romance & Rebellion are the product of five individuals believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Brought together by Manifest Destiny and unified under the principle that the song is king, songwriter David LaViola (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Aaron Medina (Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Aleksandr Landsberger (Rhythm Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Kyle Jordan Mueller (Drums), and Brandon Davis (Bass, Harmony Vocals) formed the fivesome in late 2015. "Money and fame are great motivators, but when the songs are, that's all you need.” - Aaron Medina - The hipster haven of Echo Park served well to foster the band's blossoming talents in the early stages. Working to perfect their sound at weekly Bedrock Studio rehearsals, cutting their teeth on stages up and down Sunset Blvd., and late-night strategy session talks served to fuel an already burning desire for greatness. By the end of that year R&R had created buzzworthy word of mouth status through social media platforms and compelling live performances. It wasn't long before their music caught the attention of veteran pop producer Stefan Litrownik (Andy Grammer, One Direction). Their debut self-titled EP, released in June 2016, saw the band teaming up with the pop Maestro to create six infectious, guitar-driven, tear-your-heart-out pop tracks about burgeoning love, love loss, and infedelious exes. Drawing inspiration from a wealth of creative influences ranging from the vintage (Beatles, Sam Cooke, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones) to the modern (Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars), the not-so-garage band has made a record that is assured to make soundwaves in the coming year, and for years to come. R&R fans have described their sound as modern vintage, an edgy twist of modern rock and 50's pop culture that conjures up the stacks of vinyl your dad passed down to you. Raw emotionally charged lyrics and vocal harmonies meet a modern day pop-rock treatment. With a heavy-handed "Billboard Hot 100” attention to detail, the music isn't the only thing these boys have tailored to perfection. They look the part, with an acute awareness of trendy style reminiscent of an American Apparel ad. 2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for these gentleman. Having released their debut EP, two singles, and two music videos, the band’s relentless efforts are already setting them apart, with no signs of slowing down. 2017 will be a monumental year for the boys as they plan to take the show on the road and tour the US before returning to the studio to produce their first full length album. Pop has a new sound, and that sound is Romance & Rebellion.

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