Mambop Latin Band

  • Fontana, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Latin Salsa Spanish music


Performing as the Mambop Salsa Orchestra or the Mambop Latin Jazz Ensemble, Mambop is one of the most versatile Latin bands in Southern California able to play full sets of Salsa Dura classics and contemporary Salsa as well as full sets of some of the most exciting Latin Jazz ever recorded, depending on the event. Led and founded by Jim Munoz 8 years ago, our musical sets include Salsa Dura from Hector Lavoe to Oscar DeLeon and Latin Jazz from Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri to Poncho Sanchez. Starting as a six piece band strictly playing Latin Jazz the band has evolved to an 11 piece band that plays Classic and Contemporary Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia as well as Latin Jazz. Through the changes over the years the one thing Mambop kept constant is selecting music that has energy and emphasizes the fiery side of both Salsa and Latin Jazz. The other focus is making sure the band enjoys itself in both the selection of music and with their musical interactions on stage. Many an audience member has made a point that one of the things they enjoy about seeing MAMBOP perform live is seeing how much fun they're having on stage. This has allowed Mambop to also have a wide variety of professional musicians sit in who enjoy the experience. This has ranged from Poncho Sanchez's long time original trumpet player Sal Cracchiolo now with Tower of Power to trombonist Alex Henderson of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and also formerly with Poncho Sanchez. One of those musicians who sat in and has continued to be a regular member of Mambop is Ray Poncin, the musical director and trumpet player for the legendary Fania artist Joe Bataan. Ray continues to play with Joe Bataan and endorses Calicchio trumpets and is also a regular member of the LA Salsa band Opa Opa. Members: Jim Munoz - Founder, Leader, Musical Director, Timbales and vocals Jessie Talamantez - Congas percussion and vocals Mario Trevizo - Bongos and percussion Gus Gil - Piano, vocals Daniel Ramos - Bass Brian Beaukelman - Trumpet Don Kubec - Sax Trombone - Dannie Ramirez Jhoann Acosta - Vocals Anthony Mendez - Vocals

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