Zaya Tha Flysta

  • Oakland, CA, USA
Rapper Hip-Hop Rap

""Straight outta Oakland,California where they'll spark it on ya.. Give a shout out to my potnas in the darkest corner" - 2pac"

Zaya Tha Flysta coming to you live from the 510 where I was born and raised. Been doing this music since I was young... Rapping on these beats to tell my story... Check Me Out SoundCloud & Instagram... @ZayaThaFlysta - IG Isiah Ubaka-Sampson (born March 22nd, 1991) Better know for his stage names; Zaya Tha Flysta, Flysta, Z.T.F, or Zaya Tha Playa (2009-2010), is an American rapper from Oakland California. He is the younger cousin of Malika Ubaka aka "Queen Of The Bay" and cousin of pro basketball player Ayinde Ubaka. Flysta moved to Atlanta in 2006-2009 where he was introduced to "real" southern hospitality and learned to pick up on the music culture to embrace it with his style of flow

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