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My name is Anointed One or A-ONE for short. what can i say? other than... i'm an M.C. I have to say it in that manner to show the differencial betweeen myself... and the average "rapper" which is pretty much anybody and everybody these days. I was born in September of 1984 in Fresno, CA. (BORN AND RAISED BABY!!! LOL). I am always working on new and multiple projects. Music is my LIFE!!! I am a believer, so u aren't going to hear me saying some BS (balogna sandwich lol) in any of my lyrics. I represent Christ, but i speak and rap about my personal life experiences. So if you want to be inspired... Stay tuned and i PROMISE you will hear both inspirational, and good muzik here to fit ANY style of rap or hip-hop that you like. My first Project 'A1 Artistry-the mixtape' was a Loooong time coming simply cuz Satan didn't want it to happen, but it is out! HAHAHA! Stay in touch, and i'll keep yall informed of any new projects you can hear my muzik on. If you have any questions... personal or bizness... hit me up, and i'll get back to you. I am always looking for new beats, so Producers Get at me! management as well. Please continue to lift ya boy up in prayer N come thru to hear exclusives! Peace, blessings, and Jesus luv. A-ONE Oh, & if u aint know; Hog Mob's the Movement! Hooked On God Ministry Ova bizness Holla!!!

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