Biggie Babylon

  • San Diego, CA, USA
Rapper Hip-Hop

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Biggie Babylon was born in San Diego, CA to a pair of Chaldean-Iraqi immigrants who raised him with the tradition, respect, and entrepreneurship values similar to the ones that have been passed on through his people for thousands of years. Sharing the same blood as ancient Babylonian kings such as Nebuchadnezzar and Hamurabi, Biggie Babylon embodies them by being groundbreaking, entertaining, and unforgettable. Growing up, Biggie Babylon started working in his father's liquor store on weekends when he was ten years old. By the time he was sixteen he was working full time after school and by twenty-one he opened his own small business in one of the lowest income areas of South East San Diego. Babylon learned a lot about the street life while working in a store on the corner of 36th and Ocean View Blvd. He was also a prominent figure in the upper middle class Chaldean community of Rancho San Diego where he excelled in school and sports. He was fortunate to be seeing and experiencing life from many angles. Business success came rather easy for Biggie Babylon but he always wanted more. He always dreamt big and he decided to make the move into music and entertainment after he teamed up with up and coming Chaldean rapper, TIMZ. Biggie Babylon became TIMZ's manager and created the first ever Chaldean ran record label, V.I.G. Productions. Babylon would rent out ballrooms to set up parties/concerts to help get TIMZ music out. TIMZ's debut album, "Open For Business," and its music videos garnered worldwide attention and cemented TIMZ into the history books as the first Chaldean rapper to actually make it. While TIMZ and Biggie Babylon continued to work together, Biggie Babylon decided he needed to find another artist to push. After making a list of what he needed in his next artist, he realized that the artist he was looking for was himself. Being 6'2" and 375 lbs. and possessing a voice that commands attention, Biggie Babylon the artist was born. He wrote songs about the experiences and lifestyle that he knew and teamed up with hit producer Josh Franks. Together they crafted Biggie Babylon's first album, C.E.O.G. which was about making money, his businesses including a medical marijuana dispensary, partying, and crazy girls. The album went on to receive critical acclaim and was even awarded the "ExtraSpecialGood" title in the San Diego City Beat's 2013 annual music issue. Babylon also created several music videos that have been seen around the world on sites such as He also started performing, most notably as the opening act for Mobb Deep at the House of Blues and as opener for Ty Dolla Sign again at the House of Blues. Biggie Babylon is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA finishing up his second album, planning a tour, and taking an acting class at the world famous Beverly Hills Playhouse. Biggie Babylon (Alvin Shamoun) recently wrote, directed, and starred in his first short film called "RYDE." He aims to be a force on the entertainment scene with music, acting, and in all aspects of business and etch his name in the history books just like many of his Chaldean/Babylonian ancestors.

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