• San Jose, CA, USA
Rapper Hip-Hop

"MohamedX... NFL talent turned Hip Hop artist! Follow me everywhere @mohamedxdotcom"

Yo! My name is MohamedX. I'm a Hip-Hop Artist/Producer From the bay bay bay bay bay AKA San Jose, California. My Parents immigrated to the U.S. from West Africa. SIERRA LEONE STAND UP!!! HAHA My dad left before I was born. So my mom raised me on her own. As a kid I used music to express my feelings I was mad I was mad at my dad I was mad at school I was mad at the world! So I started rapping when I was like 10 I called myself "Blackheart" lol I had two whole albums in highschool ("In The Dark" and "Regenesis") In college I changed my name to "The Prof!t" (Like "the Prophet") Thought I was hella clever lol And I dropped two more albums ("Rev!val" and "Casa Negro") Finally I decided to go with MohamedX. (No relation to Malcolm) My Musical Influences growing up were: Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and my favorite rapper Eminem Em is the truth! I also gotta give props to Michael Jackson I used to moonwalk my ass off when I was a kid lol I played college football at San Jose State University Then I signed to the San Diego Chargers after college. After I got cut from the team I decided to go back to my first love... Music!

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