• San Diego, CA, USA
Rapper Hip-Hop Rap

"Humanizing the badge we wear and bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement through music."

If there was one person who could step into the Hip Hop realm and begin to make waves, a cop would be the last person you’d expect. Forensic, born Eric Garcia, is a rap artist and active law enforcement officer from California. Born and raised near San Diego, Forensic uses both his career as a law enforcement officer and his musical talent to give a voice to his brother’s and sister’s in blue as well to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities which they serve. After the release of his first single “Wolfhunter” in 2016, noted that Forensic makes “a real, valuable effort at bridging gaps…between cops and those who wonder if cops can be trusted.” Additionally, stated Forensic is “willing to not only sacrifice himself daily on the job as a law enforcement officer, but now put his creative work out there for everyone to judge – for better or worse – as well.” Forensic’s first full length album “Human” was released in May of 2016 and gained immediate success earning a #4 spot on Amazon’s “Top 100” best-selling digital Rap/Hip-Hop albums within only four days joining a Top 5 which included artists such as Drake, Flo Ride and Kendrick Lamar. “Human” also reached #8 on iTunes’s “Top 100” best-selling digital Rap/Hip-Hop albums within the same four-day period after release. “Human” holds a 5 Star rating on iTunes with over 100 reviews. Forensic has even found success with popular streaming services such as Spotify where he has over 1.1 million total streams alone. On February 18th 2017, Forensic released a music video for one of his most popular songs “Saving a Hero” which has gained over 1 million views on Facebook. For Forensic, music is not only something he enjoys, but something he feels he needs to do. “I use my music as a means to vent my frustration, to vent the frustrations of my brothers and sisters who do this job across the world, and give them a voice,” Forensic said during an interview with Studio West Recording Studio in San Diego. Forensic focuses his efforts outside of music into community policing by working with an organization named Humanizing the Badge to leave positive impacts within communities across the United States. Through this organization, Forensic has organized community clean ups, met with anti-police protestors to engage in open dialogue and hosted forums with youth to discuss law enforcement/community relations. With a second album planned for release in early 2018, Forensic looks to continue to break barriers in the music scene while also continuing to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

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