• San Jose, CA, USA
Rapper Hip-Hop

"Storytelling is my passion..."

Vé is a 26 year old storyteller from South Central Los Angeles. He began rapping when he was 10. After seeing the Nas video for One Mic and hearing Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP he couldn’t see himself being anything besides a rapper. Then his confidence changed after he misinterpreted his dad saying that rapping was not a career. After breaking down and having a conversation with his mom, he understood that his dad just wanted to see him get his education, so he continued to write music. A few weeks later he was back on his feet and came across the notes for Lil Bow Wow’s debut album and realized he didn’t write his own lyrics, that’s when he knew he had to be a game changing artist. During his years at Long Beach Poly High School he was known as a battle rapper. After several undefeated rap battles people started saying he was all freestyle and couldn’t write songs. The rumors led him to record and release his 1st mixtape titled “They Said I Couldn’t Write" when he was 15. During the first mixtape he was heavily influenced by the Dipset. He began to make irrational decisions such as selling narcotics because he thought that was a requirement in order to rap like they did. Months later, after being robbed, he realized that maybe that wasn’t the life for him and gave up on the drug dealing. These series of events really had a huge influence on his musical direction. During all of the havoc he was still recording songs and released two more mixtapes after the first. The third mixtape “Let Me Think Volume 2.5” was composed of all freestyles and featured the single “KOOL-AID AND FRIED CHICKEN” which was promoted by his first music video. Like a wild fire it spread across San Jose State University amongst the students through social media. After that mixtape, he looked back on how much he was influenced by other rappers when he was a young teen and decided to carry a respectable and truthful image for the youth. That was the “ah hah!” moment that created the substance filled flow that was apparent on his fourth mixtape “The Escape Rope” in 2010. With this project he felt he had found himself as an artist by speaking to the masses about being an individual before following the fads. During the buzz of that project he received opening spots with KOH for bay area natives Bobby Brackins and The Starting Six. Months after it released he was caught on the same stage as The Jacka. Since then he has graduated from college and released three projects that landed him a show at UC San Diego. Not long after the San Diego trip, he was flying to the midwest for a performance in Lawrence, Kansas with Mickey Floyd and The Skeptics. In 2012 he opened for Elzhi in Los Angeles with Jet 2. After his most recent release Sinceless Summer: Ode To Ignorance he took a public hiatus to perfect his craft, grow as an individual and focus his attention on building his own brand and expanding his fan-base. Meanwhile, he continues to change people’s perception through his photography, music, art and books.

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