• Herndon, VA 20171, USA
Band: Original Rapper Hip-Hop


KvnLee (aka Kevin Lee) is a 19 yr old MC from the DMV, hailing from Northern Virginia.   Through the use of articulate language KvnLee challenges the listener to stay focused and watch as the brush strokes become the painting.  There’s an undertone of urgency in his voice that provides the listeners with an idea of his hunger and determination.  Throughout his 5 song demo “The Introduction”, there seems to be a reoccurring theme that promotes originality, as opposed to group thought patterns, which the social media age encourages.  In addition, he talks searching your true motivation, and finding ways to maintain mental and spiritual preservation though life’s obstacles.  The track titled “Persona” features lyrics which drives this point home, as KvnLee states “everyone aint’ built to slang or bang yall really need to change/ in order to earn your self-respect/ you must keep check within your-self/ people love that genuine, that system so played out…”.  Instead of the normal harmonizing or rhythmic hook, KvnLee chose to talk directly to the listeners, in what can only be explained as him putting “someone” on to game, about the importance of being yourself and not following trends in order to be accepted by others.  There are other messages delivered though this project such as the fast paced basketball reference infused “We Run This” track in which KvnLee showcases his lyrical talent by riding the beat, tic for tic, on a beat which samples Nas’ “Ouchiee Wally” beat.  All the while soliciting listeners to give it their all, when chasing their dreams.  In the for mentioned track KvnLee recalls how he came to chase his dream, stating, “It just so happened, I scripted bars some random night/ I always knew I would be the next big star in sight/ So I just worked, lurked, in the cut just scheming/ Chiefin’ heavy ganja/ I was fighting ‘gainst them demons…” After listening to “The Introduction”, it becomes apparently obvious that KvnLee possess a rare talent mix, consisting of sound, lyrical ability, and quality content.  These skills displayed over soulful beats, only aid the listener in understanding and appreciating the full canvas, of his views and opinions of this imperfect world in which we all live.  So take a listen, and soon you too, will realize this demo “The Introduction” is just that, an introduction to greatness, and KvnLee is not apologizing for it! 

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