Borderline Promises

  • Commerce, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original 90's Alternative Classic Rock Grunge Jazz Rock Soft Rock Spanish music


Borderline Promises is a trio of musicians influenced by classic rock, grunge, elements of jazz, and classical music. The band was founded by David Jesus Ybarra (Vocals/Guitar).

A self-taught musician who initially only voiced his music through guitar, it was not until years of playing guitar that he began to explore his voice as an instrument. After years of being classically trained, he established himself as a singer-songwriter. This was the beginning of Borderline Promises; a vision of a classically trained musician who sought to combine elegant classical guitar technique, with aggressive rock influenced vocals.

While attending college, a long time friend who would end up being the producer of their first album, began to implement bass into their music. This formed a new sound with a much more prominent foundation.

Providing the duet with a more intimate and rich live sound, was Peter Gonzalez (Bass Guitar/Vocals).

During their classical training, Peter was establishing himself as a music producer, instrumentalist, and supporter of the local music scene. Also exposing himself to music at a young age, Peter explored with school bands, local shows, and even the DJ scene under his artist name, DJ Dub Chemist. While studying music, he gained experience in multiple instruments including piano, bass, guitar, and voice.

Together, they became a duet that surprised and captivated audiences with a bass and acoustic guitar combination that underlined their vocal harmonies. A rare sound at the time, together they established themselves as an acoustic duet that left an impact in the Los Angeles music scene. Performing intimate sets throughout Los Angeles, Peter gave the band a much needed foundation, and attracted a crucial element for the band.

After a few years of performing as a duet, a mutual friend introduced them to Luis Figueroa (Drums).

Being influenced by music that emphasized complex rhythms and time changes, Luis found himself able to adapt to any style the trio played. Also finding comfort in multiple genres of music, Luis paved the way for the trio to perform at larger venues. Finding inspiration from bands such as System of A Down, Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, and Caifanes, Luis' role in the band was a perfect combination that challenged the band musically, and even gave the band the extra push they needed to land a big break in 2017.Less than a year of performing as a trio, the trio was signed to an indie label in Los Angeles California where they currently perform at venues and local open mics. 

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